Flash Drag and Drop Quiz

Flash is trying to make a programmer out of me. I took a Java class in college and really did not feel that I was cut out to program. Flash is starting to change my mind. While I’ve known Flash for several years, I hadn’t really started learning Actionscript until about 3 months ago. This is my work-in-progress quiz. It’s all actionscript–only one keyframe (several layers) in the whole movie. Note: I didn’t design the thing… just programmed it.

I think that for someone who is naturally a very visual thinker, Flash is a great way to learn to program object oriented code. You can start off little by little and still get great results.

  • I agree with you. I just started using Flash in the past 3 months and am new to action script. Here is my question. I spent all day doing a drag and drop like you did, but yours is much nicer. Did you just figure out the script on your own or did you have a resource? The layout I can do but I am more inerseted in how you created the more fluid motion of the drag and drop. Thanks…

  • http://hosted.zeh.com.br/mctween/index.html Use this. It saves the world 🙂

  • spindoctor


    Is it possible to get the code for your drag and drop? It is exactly what i have been looking for.

    Thanks very much,