Proof that Even Bill Gates Likes Macs

Ok, so I’m making a leap of logic, but here’s how I arrived at that conclusion….
Corbis, a company owned by Bill Gates, is having a contest where the prizes are Apple Macintosh G5 computers.

Either Bill Gates runs this company in a very hands-off way and is not aware of the prizes, or he has placed his seal of approval on giving away the 22 Macs worth a total of almost $110,000. I’m guessing it’s the latter; he’s aware of it and that somewhere, deep down inside his heart, there’s a special place for Macintoshes.

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  1. maqroll
    maqroll says:

    What is so special about Bill Gates liking Macs? That is like saying “Hey, Bill Gates likes Lexus cars” So what? Why did you expect he would go against giving away Macs?
    MS sells software and not computers, if that was your point. And there’s also MS products for Macs.

  2. Ben
    Ben says:

    Whoa, magroll, I think marcus touched a button! Why is it a big deal? He is a multi-billion dollar PC software maker. You can’t bring up the Lexus point because he DOESN’T make cars! If he was the founder of a multi-billion dollar ‘Mercedes’ auto company and driving a Lexus, would you find it weird? Sure he can do it, but it’s STILL weird.

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