3. Do Something Bold | Ten Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

This is the third in a series of 10 articles that give suggestions meant to improve the over-all quality of your life.

3. Make it a point to do something bold every day. Step out of your comfort zone, leave the routine even if for only a second. This might mean talking to someone that you generally wouldn’t talk to or starting a project that you feel intimidated by. There is no need to plan it in advance–though that might help at times, usually though you’ll find a point during the day when ‘two paths diverge in the woods’ and you have the change to take the one less travelled by. Take it. When there is something that we aren’t accustomed to doing we naturally set up mental barriers against it to protect ourselves from the thought of doing it. It takes a bold move to act and break those barriers.

Doing something bold every day doesn’t mean changing the world, it just means making a conscious effort to do something that will get your adrenalin pumping for a second or to by changing your routine. Taking calculated risks is healthy.

If you want to track your progress (which is always good) write down the bold thing you did in your journal. It will be fun to look back after time and see what you considered bold a week, month or year ago.

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  • Brian Campa

    These are great. Ive enjoyed reading them. Look forward to seeing the rest. Ive found that if I go through a day without doing something new or “bold”, it makes me feel like I’m JUST going through the motions of life. It has always been a natural thing for me take bold actions because of this. I plan on trying take bold actions premeditatedly, after reading, to see how it makes a difference.

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