Software Technology

Business as Usual

Dear Google and Sun,
Thanks for making the connection between the JRE and Google toolbar for me. I hadn’t realized that because I wanted your runtime environment I also wanted to clutter up my browser a bit more. Makes sense now though. Maybe while you’re at it, you could also bundle in some other cool browser extensions I didn’t know I needed.

Dear AutoDesk,
Hands off Maya! Leave her alone. The Personal Learning Edition & Mac versions are good.

Dear Macrodobe,
Well, you’re it now. No competition. What’s next?

Dear Weblogs Inc.,
Are you sure you want to be the next Nullsoft?

Dear Apple,
October 12 better be good. It’s been way too long.

Dear Upcoming,
Congratulations on becoming Flickr’s newest sibling. Seems like Yahoo’s doing good things these days.

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