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Two Great Uses for PostIt Notes


1. Task focus tool.
Before I sit down at the computer at home I take a sticky note and write on it what I plan to accomplish in that sitting.

I’ve found that despite my todo lists and best intentions, if I don’t have something phyically in front of me that I can check off as I go, I’ll often find myself aimlessly browsing the Internet and forget why I came to the computer in the first place. I try to make sure that what I write on the sticky is only as much as I can (and want to) accomplish in the time I’m sitting down. Once everything is crossed out, which is a great feeling every time, the aimless browsing can commence.

Sound simple? Try it. It works.

2. Goal keeping tool. I’ve decided to write my goals, along with a very basic estimate of my progress every morning on a sticky note and stick them on the most recently used page in my pocket Moleskine notebook. Each time I open it, I’m reminded of my goals.

An example goal might be:

“3/2007 – Earn $1000 passive income each month (600)”

Where 3/2007 is when I’d like to have it accomplished and 600 is the amount I’m currently earning a month. The last number could also be a percentage or other indicator of progress. Writing the goal down serves the purpose of reinforcing my committment as well as forcing me to re-evaulate–is this a goal that I’m working towards actively? How far have I progressed? Do I still think this is a worthy goal?

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At night, I take the PostIt note out and stick it in a folder. Reviewing past notes shows me how goals have evolved and progressed. Saving the notes is also motivation to do it every day–mentally I don’t want to break the record of writing my goals every day for so many days.

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