Dashboard Widgets Anywhere on the Desktop

Tiger (Macintosh OS X 10.4) Dashboard Widgets can be displayed anywhere on the desktop, it only requires a simple command to be run in the Terminal (don’t fear the terminal!)
defaults write com.apple.Dashboard devmode YES;killall Dock

This command does two things
1. It changes the preferences of Dashboard to development mode (simple enough)
2. It restarts the Dock

To get the widget onto your desktop, press F12 to show your widgets, click the plus sign at the bottom of the screen, drag a widget up out of the bottom area and press F12 before you release the mouse button.

To get rid of them again, hold option and mouse over them. You’ll see the X show up in the corner. Just click it. Simple enough. There’s also a piece of software that does this, currently it’s in Beta and free, but they’ll be charging for it after July.

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  1. Olivier Poitrey
    Olivier Poitrey says:

    There is also a way to do this with a widget already in place. You just have to push the F12 key while you are dragging a widget. You can also do this in the reverse direction: from the normal space to the dashboard space.

    I can’t really understand why this feature isn’t on by default… Anyway thx a lot for this tip!

  2. bitly
    bitly says:

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