Flash Interfaces That Don’t Require Clicking

Two websites that take the click out of using a mouse. I’m sold on the idea. After using them for a few seconds it’s completely natural not clicking. I think it really adds to the experience of the site–the silence, feeling like the site knows what you want before you tell it. Kudos to the designers.
Yamaha Design

If anyone knows of other non-clicking websites or applications, I’m interested.

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I read this article – then it prompted me to write a greasemonkey script that makes the web work no click (ie – it clicks links/inputs/textarea after hovering your mouse for 200ms). It’s kinda cool to use. 😀

You can try it out by installing greasemonkey, then installing my extension at:


Wow. Your plugin is great! I modified it to wait 800 milliseconds rather than 200 to avoid accidental non-clicks, but overall, I’m really liking it!

Somewhere I had read about a program that swaps out the hover for the click Windows-wide, and I thought that’s crazy … until I played with those sites and now I wish I had at least written down the name of the program.

I’m installing that script, but if anyone knows of that program, I’d love to know. Not clicking is so much more relaxing and it does feel like those sites know what you want.

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