A Year of Shareware

I think before this year I’d probably purchased 4 or 5 shareware programs, this year it’s been a different story! I’m not sure if it’s that the quality of the available shareware has gotten that much better or if I’ve just started buying more of it, but in any case, here’s the list of Shareware apps I’ve been using:

  • Ecto (ok, I’ve probably had this for more than a year, but I’m listing it here since I’m typing this blog entry in it and it’s great.)
  • TextMate – There’s nothing I can say about TextMate that hasn’t already been said. I love it.
  • MacGourmet – This one was for J, she loves it.
  • PulpMotion – Wow. Aquafadas just raised the bar on photo/video slideshows. Great price too.
  • CSSEdit – I can’t imagine editing CSS without this application anymore. Beautiful.
  • Cha-ching and iBank (reviews forthcoming)
  • Parallels – Wow. Parallels has completely eliminated the old Dell laptop I had hanging around.
  • Disco – I hardly ever burn CD’s, but I’m a sucker for a good (and/or fun) UI.
  • Delicious Library – This came with MacHeist. I was pretty skeptical about it since for my book cataloging needs, it’s almost useless (I use LibraryThing), but I’ve found it pretty fun to use nonetheless.
  • DevonThink – Another MacHeist, I’d been using the trial for…well too long, great program.
  • Enigmo2 – Macheist. The first Mac game I’ve ever bought and I admit, I love it.
  • In addition, I got a few other apps from MacHeist that I doubt I’ll use much, but are kind of cool – ShapeShifter (I actually already own a license to this and really enjoyed it, but haven’t used it for a couple years), RapidWeaver looks nice, but I’m a Rails head… who knows, maybe I’ll use it, Newsfire is also nice, but I can’t give up Google Reader for a desktop client, FotoMagico and iClip – I haven’t used them yet, but who’s to say I won’t.
  • Inbox – Review forthcoming

In addition, there are a few shareware app’s I’ve got my eyes on:

Hopefully you’ve found some good ones in this list, if you like the program, why not support the developers buy purchasing it? What Mac Shareware did you buy this year?

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  • a.

    I know AppZapper is everyone’s favorite choice, but CleanApp is one alternative, and AppDelete (which is free) is something that I use, worth checking out.

    PS – I am the same way, because of MacHeist and whatnot I’ve bought shareware for the first time in my life.

  • SuperDuper! by Shirt Pocket is definitely worth the $28 for full functionality. It’s actually made backing up fun for me.

  • City Squirrel

    The only software I paid out cash money for all year was WhizFolders, an outliner/info manager that’s the first decent outliner I’ve seen since the late, lamented GrandView. (Yep, I do go back that far.) 🙂

    I’m in the process of developing a blog, and it’s brilliant for keeping track of bits of ideas, url’s to other sites, pretty much anything you could want.

    It’s at http://www.whizfolders.com, you get free upgrades, what can I say? It’s terrific.

  • ExeScript to turn batch files into exe files, iSofter to rip DVDs to WMV files, and I’ll pay in January for AVG Antivirus.

  • Ramesh Bhaskar

    I’ve been able to manage this year on open source… (or what came with my laptop to begin with). I’m going to attempt going the Linux way and I’m trying to stay away from paid for applications… 😀

  • I paid for

    MacHeist Bundle

    donated to


    and think of getting

    Xyle scope

    way too much for one year, but well, i just use a MacBook since August…

  • Paul

    I paid for UpdatePatrol and Acronis True Image – both excellent pieces of software.

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  • Max

    I bought

    * Apple Aperture (love it!)
    * OmniGraffle
    * OmniOutliner Pro
    * Parallels
    * TurboTax
    * Quicken (and returned the POS)

    I’m likely to buy in ’07
    * OmniFocus
    * TurboTax or TaxCut
    * iWork

  • JoacimW

    I bought Pukka and Tangerine!