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SlimTimer – The Best Timer for GTD

I’ve looked at several options for making sure I “use my time wisely” while I’m on the computer including:

None of them fit my criteria of being easy to use, easy to see where my time went (some type of reporting) and inexpensive. Then I went back to SlimTimer. The concept is simple. You open up a little window that sits on your desk all day (I open mine in Safari so tabs don’t accidentally pop up there from my default browser, Firefox) and click the name of the activity you’re doing at the time. That’s it. Here’s my window right now.

Screenshot 01

When you’re done you close the window, click another task or toggle the task you’re on. Then the cool part is the reports that are available on the main SlimTimer website. You can see where your time went specifically for the day, week month, per task, tag etc. Here’s a screen capture of a report:

Screenshot 02

SlimTimer is simple, powerful, quick and free. Can’t beat that.

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6 replies on “SlimTimer – The Best Timer for GTD”

Chris, Danny – Thanks for the clarifications. I think both Harvest and Time59 are great values for corporations or people who are using them to track billable hours. For GTD type tracking of all activities I'm doing on the computer neither is feasible. I'm tracking 13 "projects" right now–for Harvest that'd put me in the $15 a month plan.

Time59 is a little different-the price isn't too bad, but there is no real timer functionality. It has to be entered manually.

Again, I'm sure these are both great tools in their sphere, but for GTD time tracking, I think SlimTimer is much better.

Thanks for the tip. I’m giving Slimtimer a try. It has helped me out a lot in tracking the time I spend at home on billable work. It has also helped me better estimate accurate schedules the various types of houses that I design.

19.95 a year is less than most spend on starbucks in a week. I don’t think you can knock TIME59.COM not only on price but as far as functionality it is very easy to use, intuitive, and well thought out to customers needs. Plus it seems to be upgraded constantly.

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