How to Find a Great Domain Name

Good domain names are out there, but they can be hard to find. Here are some tools to help you in your search.

1. Dislexicon – Takes common words and adds suffixes and prefixes. It even gives you the meaning. This site is great for finding short domain names that look like they could be real words.

2. JustDropped – This site lets you search for domain names that have recently expired. You get a few searches for free with limited results. I’ve found that the free searches are usually adequate for my needs.

3. Word Mixer – This one lets you enter up to five words which are mixed up into new, semi-pronouncable words. The same website also has a couple other tools that are useful such as the random words tool which is hit or miss, and the mixer seeds page.

4. WordFinder – This is actually a tool for crossword puzzles, but it can also be very useful for finding a domain name.

5. DomainsBot – This search engine is geared specifically towards finding a domain name. It works best if you’re looking for a compound-word domain rather than an invented word.

6. Online Generators – If all else fails, sometimes you’ll find a gem using one of these online generators. This is usually a last resort for me though, they tend to suck up your time without out producing much.

If you find a great one that you can’t use, but want to make some cash on, this is the place to sell it.

Once you’ve found one, there are about a million places to purchase it. I personally like – good price and easy to use. Good luck… there are a ton of great names left!

  • Nick

    I just got some tips and tricks from looks like a good site. Found this blog from there.

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  • rosjen

    I have been running my own bot that finds availble short names, I list all them all with the highest value at the top. evisnet

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  • eli

    You could always use a service like Clever site names.

    Its cheaper than a large agency, and best of all if you don’t like anything they suggest, they’ll give you your money back.

  • Neil S

    This Find Domain website looks them up as you type the name in. It's save me tons of time for sure.

  • Mike

    I have found some nice domain names with

  • Finding Domain names

    Justdropped is regristation only now.

  • paul

    great list and some further ideas… thank you.

  • Mark is a great resource. Very much work in progress but they upload over 40 lists per day in over 40 different categories.

  • ahmedk

    I have found the domain name searched in And it is useful to find all information about the IP details.