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We Require More Minerals

Lately I’ve been somewhat obsessed by Starcraft. It’s a computer game that’s comparable to chess, except played at insane speeds and with a greater range of strategies available. I’m not much of a gamer, but this game has my attention. Speed of play is measured by Actions Per Minute (APM). One player controls an economy, […]

The Melting Pot

A few good links to get your wheels spinning: Onewheel is the only self-balancing wheeled transportation thing that actually looks cool. It avoids the Segway problem of making you look smug while you’re riding it. Bitcoin seems to have stabilized after the steep drop last month, but there are competitors nipping at its heels. If I had to bet […]

String Wars

String Theory is a 30 year old theory that, if proven, would provide a unified way of explaining the four fundamental forces of nature. It combines the strong and weak nuclear forces and electromagnetism with the very elusive force of gravity. String theory has problems though.After 30 years an unproven theory would usually be counted […]