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Best Tool for the Blog

From last night: Installing MovableType… starting at 10:45…. finishing at exactly 11:45. Wow. That took longer than I expected, but alas it’s done. I probably would have been find sticking with Blogger, but in my never ending quest to have the latest and greatest software, MovableType was a necessity. Now I have this itching wonder […]

Mind Mapping

Both my father and father-in-law have spent time extolling the virtues of Mind Mapping–basically brainstorming on paper. I have come to realize the benefits of doing it, but for me, doing something on actual paper is just too reminicent of high school or filling out a form at the DMV or something horrible like that. […]

Benefits of Fatherhood

Today was one of those days where being a daddy seems like the best and easiest thing in the world. We took a trip down to Williamsburg to visit friends and house-hunt and Max was an angel. He sat in the back seat talking, singing and sleeping the whole time. Having a baby also makes […]

X11 on Panther

Today, in an effort to connect to the corporate exchange server from my Mac at work, I’ve decided to try to install Evolution [http://www.ximian.com/products/evolution] an open source product similar to Microsoft Outlook. It’s been an interesting process. If you decide to try it, you’ll probably have to take these steps (assuming you’re using Mac OS […]


Right now, in my mental dilemma between Mac and PC, I’m still sitting on the fence. This program (MacJournal) has definitely just added a plus onto the side of Macs. The simple elegance of it is nothing short of amazing. It’s this type of program that makes using a computer pleasant. So… for now chalk […]

Rollercoaster Rides

Having a baby has been more of a rollercoaster ride than I ever imagined. It’s insane to me how many times a minute he can go from completely happy to screaming mad–forgetting altogether the emotion he was feeling in the previous second but leaving his parents somewhat befuddled. For daddy, it’s a feeling of strong […]