How to Lose Your Bookmarks

Looking for a quick way to lose all your Firefox bookmarks, saved passwords, history and preferences? Just download a nightly build and install it without backing everything up first. *Poof* You’re starting afresh. I did it today–I should have known better and backed up my profile folder, but now that everything’s gone, it’s actually kind of nice starting over with a clean browser. If only I could do the same with email…

On another note… are you looking for another way to disconnect yourself from the real world (see yesterday’s article)? If so, check out ArtRage. It’s a free progam for Windows that comes closer to emulating real-world painting than anything else I’ve seen. This is an image I painted of my wife, Jenny, using the trace feature–it’s only part cheating 🙂

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He’s right. This is a cool little program. Good way to design nifty backgrounds or get more of a personal touch to your computer artwork.

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