Software Discoveries

Tonight I disovered (and in a couple of cases, rediscovered) a few interesting and useful pieces of software.

1. Synergy – This is free software that lets you use one keyboard and mouse for multiple computers and even across different operating systems. It works great! I’ve only tired it from windows to windows so far. This is a great space saver on my desk. One cool feature is that you can even copy and paste between two computers.

2. Mepis – I began using Linux on Red Hat and from there went on to try several other distributions. I’ve finally settled on one… sort of. Debian is the Linux distribution that I like the best, with only one small problem; I can’t install it. I probably could if I really wanted to learn how, but why when there’s great distributions like Mepis. Mepis not only make it easy to install, but can also be run as a live CD–you can run it on any computer without installing it. Mepis also looks great and is one of the easier-to-use Linux’s (along with another favorite of mine, the controversial Lindows (which will soon be changing names)).

3. Sepiroth – This guy is amazing. Not only has he written and released as open source the best Actionscript (for Macromedia Flash) editor around, he also has placed, as I discovered tonight, one hundred useful Flash files on his site for download. In addition to these two things, he’s put up several prototypes for flash, a great flash community and many other Flash resources. Amazing.

4. PhpGedView – I didn’t discover this tonight by any means, but there has been some major work going on in this project and the new releases are amazing. John Finlay has created software that will take a GEDCOM file (exported by most family history programs) and allow you to view and even edit the contents online. This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in Genealogy. I had the opportunity quite awhile back to contribute some of the icons this project is using.