The Google Ad Experiment

Maybe I’m a little late to jump on this ship but I’ve never had ads on any of my sites. Finally (with server expenses being what they are) I decided to try Google ads. I put them on Silverfish Longboarding, a site I created a few years back that now gets about half a million page views a month.

As much as I’d like to make a little cash off it, I’m also curious as to how people react to them and how much the bother me after they’ve been there for awhile. I’m also really curious to see if anyone actually clicks them. Personally in my entire Internet career I’ve probably clicked fewer than 20 ads. Updates to come.

2 replies on “The Google Ad Experiment”

Marcus, I have used Google ads since their inception and have made thousands of dollars to date. Almost every webmaster that has any kind of traffic participates in Google Adsense. Surfers are used to seeing the ads. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results especially with as many pageviews as you have.

As much as I can appreciate the desire to receive ‘Thousands of Dollars’ I have recently become annoyed with the Google Adds. It slows down my page loads, and takes up desktop space. I have considered creating my own version of a popular forum because they use these Google ads. I am just one voice, I would guess more people would turn it off if they had a choice. If the forum I liked, would give people the option with a cookie setting to turn off Google Ads then I would not be thinking about creating another forum.

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