OS X Essentials


1. Quicksilver – Application launcher/switcher, copies and moves files, global hotkeys, multi-item clipboard, web searching, calculator, dock replacement, the kitchen sink. Free.


2. Desktop Manager – A desktop switcher that’s useful and has cool effects. This application is especially useful when I’m on a computer with only one monitor. Free.


3. Magic Number Machine – A calculator that does enough without doing too much and still manages to look great. This has replaced the default OS X calculator for me. Free.


4. Cyberduck – A pretty good FTP program. The interface is simple and the most important features are there. Not as good as Filezilla on Windows, but good nonetheless. Free.


5. Adium X – A great multi-protocol IM program based on Gaim that is still heavily in development but works good and looks good even in it’s pre-1.0 state. Free.


6. WindowShade X – There wasn’t a whole lot that I liked about OS9, but windoshading was one of the things that impressed me. This app from Unsanity brings back that functionality. Shareware.


7. MenuCalendarClock – A quick calendar that resides in the top bar. I just use the basic functionality so it’s free.


8. ChiliSafe – Customizable secure password manager and generator. Free.


9. Font Sampler – A great way to compare multiple fonts on text you choose at one time. I use this application every time I design anything. Free.


10. Smultron – An excellent text editor with ActionsScript (and many others) syntax highlighting. Free.

That took longer than I though. Ten for today and I’ll add more soon…