Backing up the Mac etc.

PsyncX ScreenshotI’ve had PsyncX on my desktop for a couple months now and I’ve been meaning to give it a try. As of now, it looks great! I’ve had all kinds of problems with Retrospect Express from Dantz that came with my external Maxtor drive. Scheduled scripts never seem to run right and they start at arbitrary times. I had the exact same problems with Retrospect Backup on two different Macs and I’m done with trying. PsyncX is priced right (free) and looks like it should do a great job.

I’ve also been experimenting with using OmniOutliner for my task/project/etc. list. It’s not perfect for the GTD method, but it is extremely easy to enter data and pretty customizable. Right now I just have to get it all out of my head somehow, and this is working great for now. OmniOutliner is really nice program, both in looks and functionality–they really know how to do OS X.


At school I’m taking a class on distance education. Last night we were asked to create a framework for distance education in Powerpoint or something similar. It was a quick project, based off work we’d done in class, but one that I think OmniGraffle was perfect for. This is what I came up with. I know I sound like a salesman for the Omni Group, but really.. they’re a great company :).

This could almost be four different posts, but I’ve found that while I’m cleaning out my Bloglines subscriptions, the type of blogs I like best aren’t those that post 20 times a day like Scoble, Instapundit and others. My favorites are low(er) volume blogs, anywhere from under 3 posts a day to a post once a week, where you know most of the time you’ll get something decent. I’ve unsubscribed to almost all high volume websites in favor of picking a few that are either narrowly focused on the information I want or generally focused but only post when it’s something really good. How would this blog fit into that spectrum?

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