Click Both to Find

In OS X if you have a two button mouse (and you should) if you click both mouse buttons at the same time it will bring up a Find dialog in many applications, including the Finder, Firefox (though I recommend enabling Find as you Type), Safari, ecto, TextMate and many others . I found this a couple months ago and it’s a great little time saver.

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That's a fabulous trick, but… I can't make it work. Not in Safari, not in BBEdit, not in the Finder, not in Address Book. I always just get the contextual menu.


You don't have anything special set up on your Mac?

Wow. I’m glad you brought that up. I was not aware of it, but this appears to be a feature specific to my mouse drivers. It’s a Kensington mouse and now that I look, you can set clicking both at the same time to do almost anything.

I’ll check tonight to see if it works on other mice–I believe the one I have at home is a Logitech.

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