iPod Shuffle

ShuffleToday I got an iPod Shuffle :). I’ve been eyeing them since they came out, but I’m not a fan of “3-4 weeks” shipping times like Apple had, or “get in line” shipping like Amazon had, so today when Circuit City had them online (through Amazon) for pickup I jumped at it.

So far it’s great. I found some great advice for creating playlists from a site dedicated to… playlists (what a niche!) and it’s ready to go.
The biggest reason I got it though was actually not the music–it’s more to use it as a USB jump drive to easily bring my to-do list with me. I realize I could have gotten one for cheaper, but it sure wouldn’t have looked as nice or played music.

On another note… last Friday morning I took and passed the Flash MX 2004 Developer certification test. It was a pretty rough test, but fair. I enjoyed the challenge of studying for it and it’s always a good feeling to pass a test.

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