Queenthings Redesign, CMSFactor Design

AweFinally got around to taking Jenny’s design and writing the code to make it work. All CSS on I’m happy about that. I’ve been a little behind the times in that realm, but I’m catching up now.


I’ve also started a new site, It’s a Drupal site, not much content there now, but much more to come, as well as the reasons *why* i started it soon.

Lots of webdesign going on around here. Lots of other stuff as well which I’ll post about when the time is right.

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Hey nice new site, very clean. I saw a spelling error though thought you’d like to change it!

paste: “Open Source Content Mangement Systems”

You spelled ‘management’ w/o an ‘a’.

When are you going to help me revamp my site? 🙂
See you guys!

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