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I found an article in Scientific American MIND last night at Barnes and Noble that (among other things) talked about ways people can be tested for something as subjective as determining how creative they are. These are the things it suggested.

  1. Ideational fluency – I say a word, “glass” for example, how many words/sentences/associations can you come up with related to the word.
  2. Variety and flexibility – How many uses can you find for an object such as a ring for example.
  3. Originality – Can you develop a solution that no one else comes up with?
  4. Elaboration – The ability to come up with an idea, expand on it then create a solution from it.
  5. Problem sensitivity – Can you recognize the central challenge in a task and the difficulties associated with it?
  6. Redefinition – Can you view a known problem in a different light?

The article also had ideas on things you can do to become more creative:

  • Wonderment – Have a spirit of discovery, curiosity. Question the obvious.
  • Motivation – follow sparks of interest.
  • Intellectual Courage – Take what you know and think outside of it.
  • Relaxation – Personally this has been the best tip of them all for me. I found that for months of my life I was so busy (or thought I was so busy) that I never took time to sit and meditate. When I finally did, it was like a floodgate of ideas were unleashed. It’s amazing what your mind will do if you give it time and room to work.

Very interesting article… I think creativity is something that everyone could use a little more of.

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