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Two Great Mac Apps and One Missing In Action

iCalView - Great software.

The good:
1. iFlash – a flash card application for OS X, is everything you’d expect a Mac app to be. Clean, simple, intuitive and functional. I’m using it to study for the Real Estate exam and I couldn’t ask for better. It’s stable, actively developed and has enough features to make it powerful without being complex. Highly recommended $10 shareware with a generous trial period and free mode.

2. iCalViewer – shows your iCal appointments on your desktop in a unobtrusive, useful way. I’ve never gotten in the habit of opening iCal to see what’s coming up, but with iCalViewer events are always right there, in context and only the relevant ones show up. Shareware, $11 with a generous trial and free mode.

The missing:
A good sync application for PocketPC to OS X. I have PocketMac and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I’ve read the reviews for the Missing Sync and wouldn’t consider dropping $40 on software that has 2 1/2 of 5 stars on MacUpdate and 3 of 5 stars on VersionTracker with enough bad reviews to scare anyone off. Maybe I need to switch to Palm or just give up on having a handheld that syncs properly with a Mac.

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