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Here’s something to keep an eye on – Tumblelogs. Basically a blog with quick posts consisting of pictures, quotes, links and whatever else is on the mind of the author. Tumblelogging is bound to grow–as of today there are 540 Google results for “tumblelog.” I predict 10,000 within 6 months. I’m not sure of the origin of the word, but the best I can tell it was coined here. The best example (by far) is the gorgeous Projectionist website… a site that has forever changed the way I think about blogging. Amazing.

I can definitely see the need for a CMS that supports this style of blogging. Hopefully Lifecapsules will fill the need.

[UPDATE: That didn’t take long–10/12/2005 – 12,100 results from a search for Tumblelog]

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Software Technology Launches!

After months of anticipation (you HAVE been anticipating it, haven’t you?) is finally ready to go, complete with a handful of new articles to get you started. Created by yours truly, the purpose of the site is to make content management system recommendations and give practical information (rather than the typical press releases on other CMS websites) and write about the subject of organizing and managing content online in general. Check it out!

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