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Here’s something to keep an eye on – Tumblelogs. Basically a blog with quick posts consisting of pictures, quotes, links and whatever else is on the mind of the author. Tumblelogging is bound to grow–as of today there are 540 Google results for “tumblelog.” I predict 10,000 within 6 months. I’m not sure of the origin of the word, but the best I can tell it was coined here. The best example (by far) is the gorgeous Projectionist website… a site that has forever changed the way I think about blogging. Amazing.

I can definitely see the need for a CMS that supports this style of blogging. Hopefully Lifecapsules will fill the need.

[UPDATE: That didn’t take long–10/12/2005 – 12,100 results from a search for Tumblelog]

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Looks like stream of consciousness writing to me. Funny if that becomes the “new” thing since “stick to one subject” has been beat over my head so much.

Hmm… track anything, eh? I don’t know about everyone, but I have a few blog-type places. One for more personal/rant posts and then one that wouldn’t embarrass me if my boss’s boss found it.

The term “tumblelogging” was actually coined by Why The Lucky Stiff in

this post
upon discovering my tumblelog, Anarchaia,
that is older than the term “tumblelog”.

(And, as a side node, so far every tumblelogger known to me has
written his own blogging software for tumblelogging; the first one to
provide tumblehosting or easy-to-install tumbleware has yet to be
found. I hope to see a lot of new tumblelogs in near future!)

Who can say where Tumblelogs will be? Coming across this post from 9/11/05 after a Google search in the Spring of ’07. What will a search show 2 years hence?

Is it Art, Is it Dialogue or some term we don’t have yet.

That’s why we should pursue the form and see where it leads.


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