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Quicksilver Abracadabra Gestures

Wow. Quicksilver never ceases to amaze! You can now create mouse gestures to do anything Quicksilver can do using a plugin called Abracadabra.

It’s a basic plugin, but it’s incredibly helpful. You needn’t be working for Coca Cola, o2, Citibank or any other big corporation to benefit from this extension, it works perfectly well on a home Mac that’s just carrying out small jobs.

To use it, first, go to your Quicksilver preferences, in plugins, choose “other plugins” to find plugins that aren’t installed and check the box next to Abracadabra.


Click the plus sign by Abracadabra (you probably have to have “Enable advanced features” set to Beta in the Application settings.

You’ll now have a new menu item called Abracadabra. Select it and add the sounds you want to hear when you do a gesture that is recognized or when you make a mistake and do an unknown gesture. You’ll also want to pick a key to use with Abracadabra.


Now click the “Triggers” category in preferences and create a new trigger by choosing the plus sign at the bottom then doing something you might normally do in Quicksilver such as committing something to SVN (or opening a folder or whatever you do with your Mac).

Now change the Trigger type to Gesture, and in the drawer that slides out, draw the gesture you’d like to make in order to perform the action.


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You’re done! Try it out by holding down option (or whatever key you chose) and performing the gesture. If you did it right, you’ll get cool green stars, otherwise they’ll turn red.

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Quicksilver Abracadabra Gestures

Quicksilver never ceases to amaze! You can now create mouse gestures to do anything Quicksilver can do using a plugin called Abracadabra. Create you own getures and managed you Mac all by the flick of your wrist.

I didn’t realize Quicksilver had gestures available. I’ve never really used them myself, but I may have to enable Abracadabra and give them a try. I could see some powerful things happening by just flicking your wrist (it’s magic!).

Oh how I love Quicksilver. I actually find myself resenting my Windows box when I have to go home and use it rather than my iMac at work.

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I love your plugin, it’s really great, one little bug was, when I use it on the second monitor (not synched), then there no animation of the path ๐Ÿ™

Thanks for the grat work ๐Ÿ˜€

[…] Ho recentemente testato il plugin per Quicksilver per effettuare mouse gestures, Abracadabra Gestures. Devo dire che รจ realizzato davvero bene, anche grazie all’effetto grafico che aggiunge quel tocco di estetica che solitamente questi tool non hanno (fa apparire una serie di “stelline magiche” mentre si traccia la gesture, che “esplodono” poi di un colore se ha successo o di un altro in caso contrario). […]

I agree with Dirk, it doesn’t show the star animation on my second monitor (though it still works).

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