Microsoft Office X Project Gallery

I’ve found that one of the worst “features” of Microsoft Office X 2004 is the project gallery that launches every time I launch an Office application. For example–when I launch Powerpoint, I get this:
If I just launched Powerpoint–not Excel or Entourage, why in the world am I presented with the option to write an email or start a spreadsheet? I mean… really, at least start by showing me recent documents or do like most other programs and just give me a new, blank document.

I’m sure there’s a preference to turn this off, but whose ideas was this anyway?

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  1. JD
    JD says:

    Powerpoint : Preferences : General : Project Gallery at start-up

    I find it annoying that it has to be turned off – much like why is the number of files recently used always set to 4, when it can be 9.

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