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Aspergers, Bees, James Joyce & More

In an effort to branch out, I’ve been reading Neurotribes. It starts with a history autism and Aspergers syndrome and their strange parallel development and weaves this through many other realms. Science fiction, computer science, medical science and psychology in Germany, England, America and other places. There’s even great section on John McCarthy and the […]

How to Learn a Foreign Language in Your Spare Time

Since this is an article entirely focused on one topic, learning languages, I want to start with a non-obvious answer to the question  “why would you spend so much time learning a language?”  The answer is that it’s often the only thing I have time and/or mental capacity to do. Between working full-time and an active family, there aren’t […]

A Potpourri of Brain Food

Nobody will like all of these links, everybody will like at least one: If you use Google Photos for your personal pictures, try using search. It is incredible. Search for something like “Volkswagen” or “red shirt” or “acoustic guitar” or pretty much anything else. It just works. It’s also much faster than any other online photo backup […]

China, That Little Country with 423% of The Population of the US

I’ve never been to China, but would love to go, especially after reading Liu Cixin. It’s been fascinating exploring the Eastern way of thinking–very old, very mature, yet so different from Western thought.  I loved the book Three Body Problem by Chinese author Liu Cixin, but The Dark Forest is twice as long and, I think, twice as good. […]

Why Superintelligence Matters

Start with this article on Wait But Why. Its fascinating and shouldn’t be missed even if you have almost no interest in computers. The article is largely based on Nick Bostrom’s work. If you like it, you should check out his book book Superintelligence. It also discusses many of Ray Kurzweil’s ideas. Some of which are a bit far fetched, but hey, […]

Escape Depression! Climb Mount Everest in Shorts! Run a Marathon in the Desert Without Water! Heal From Anything Faster!

Wim Hof has done all of it and wants to teach you how. His claims seem sensationalistic to put it mildly, but science is confirming them all. I think he’s on to something big. If you haven’t listened to him, it’s worth it. I’ve tried his breathing technique. It’s easy and it works. Listen to […]

Coding Bootcamps

I recently did a survey of Coding Bootcamps. These are schools that train you to become a programmer over a few month’s time. There are many of them and some look pretty good. Here’s the list if you’re looking to change careers: App Academy, Bloc, Code Fellows, Coding Dojo, Dev Bootcamp, Fullstack Academy, General Assembly, Hack Reactor, Startup Institute.