Hot Wheels Appeal

If you’re a guy in the US (possibly elsewhere, and maybe if you’re a girl too, I can only speak for my own sex & country), and if you’ve ever had any tendency to collect anything at all, you’ve probably collected (or at least been tempted to collect) Hot Wheels. I’m not sure what it is about this toy, but it’s the one toy I haven’t been able to resist since I was 3 years old. Tonight at Target I bought one, and I have a secret stash in my closet (including some pretty old ones from when I was a kid).

I’m not positive why they’re so addictive, but from what I can tell, it’s a combination of these things (in no particular order):

1. Price – you can’t beat $.80 for just about anything.
2. They feel solid. They’re made of metal and they don’t break if you drop them. I think most people are generally attracted to things that feel nice and solid, like Hot Wheels do.
3. They’re universal. Everyone drives or rides in car or at least is around people who drive cars.
4. They’re marketed by Ford, Toyota, Ferrari and about every other ‘real’ car maker in the country. Not directly, but all that marketing hype transfers pretty well over to the miniature versions of their products; which brings me to the next step.
5. They’re small. Unlike model trains, transformers, guns or skateboards, you can keep a collection of Hot Wheels in a box under your bed and still have room for all the other stuff you have under your bed. Maybe that’s why people still collect stamps too :).

Now I’m going to set about planning my next entry, thinking of a product that will be equally appealing to the young and old alike for years and years and that will eventually make me rich :).