Teaching Dreamweaver

Well… that was an experience. I spent most of the evening yesterday finalizing my lesson, which was why I missed a day on the weblog for the first time in about 70 days, and finally got it to a point I felt good about.

Teaching went fairly well. I know Dreamweaver like the back of my hand, I can explain it I’d say only on an average level. Six (yes, 6) straight hours is a long time to talk about Dreamweaver. My class was beginners–I had people who ranged from hand coders wanting to move to a WYSIWYG (imagine that) to people who had never even seen html or were fairly new to computers in general. In one day we went from basic HTML concepts all the way to tables. A fairly broad range I’d say.

While my students rated me well and I feel I imparted the information in a comprehensible way, for some reason I don’t feel that good about the class. Maybe it’s all the time that went into it vs. the money coming out… maybe it’s that I wasn’t cut out to teach that type of material. I’m not sure. I’m going to stick with it, try to improve and give it some time–hopefully I’ll feel better after future classes, or if not, at least I’ll know.

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I was wondering if you could reccomend a great book on Dreamweaver. I will be teaching some of the staff that I work with how touse the program so that they can get started creating basic websites for teir classes. I am a teacher by the way.
I know some Dreamweaver and would just like a good book or even some advice from you that would give me an idea of what to start with, how deep I should go, etc…
Also, I didn’t know if you knew of any resources that would allow me to start a threaded discussion for my classes. I know yahoo gives free space to do this.. but the advertisements… Is it possible to get code for this? Does dreamweaver have any options? Or are their better sites that I can use for this purpose.
I love the format of your blog and even the small qualities it contains such as being able to Bold and underline words. Is this something you designed or options that come with your choce of free blog sites like the one i see listed to the left on your site? Any help would be much appreciated.

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