OS X Annoyances!

After a couple of the busiest (and most productive) weeks ever… I return with an OS X Panther rant.

1. Why do I click an plus (+) icon to shrink iTunes? I’ve been using iTunes for months now and it still gets me every once in awhile. It’s no better from the menu–it’s Window > Zoom to shrink the player.

2. Why don’t home and end keys function the same from application to application. In some they take you to the end of a line, others to the end of the document. Same with ctrl+-> (arrow) sometimes it moves you to the end of a line, others it’s to the end of a word.

3. No insert key? Did Apple decide that having a “help” key would be more useful than insert? F1 is standard for help and still works in most Mac apps… Using programs like Freemind (not to mention Word) becomes much more of a hassle without an insert key. Two help keys, no insert key. Nice.

4. Ctrl+a (select all) seems to work in property fields about half the time. It does in Dreamweaver, but not Photoshop.

5. You can’t add color labels, rename or delete files from file browse dialog boxes. Why? If I’m looking for a file, and want to make it more apparent next time around, I have open the Finder, browse to it again and and give it a color label.

6. Why’d they take away the window shade (roll up) feature from OS 9? I had to buy shareware to get that functionality back (more about that later). When I used OS 9, even though I wasn’t a big fan of the OS, that was one of the best features.

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