FlashBlog – All Flash Weblog Sofware

Flashblog LogoI recently found FlashBlog, open source weblog software with the front end entirely done in Macromedia Flash and the backend driven by PHP and MySQL. There have been several attempts at this, but this is the first one that looks to me like it has some real potential. I don’t think that what they’ve created fully takes advantage of Flash’s best features yet, but enough work has been done on it that someone with even basic programming skill could take it and really create an excellent Flash weblog.

There’s a lot of work to be done, notably RSS feeds (which look like they’ll be completed shortly), better archiving, alternate HTML/CSS content (probably could be done with RSS), direct link URL’s and probably some work on the admin interface (which is decent already), but what has been done so far is truly impressive. They’ve overcome the hurdles of dynamically resizing the page content, using CSS for styles, a commenting system and the general overwhelming feeling a project of this proportion brings with it.

Kudos to Francisco Rubiales and those who are working with him and I hope to see this continue to be an active project that will be used on many sites in the future.

PS If you hadn’t noticed already, the entire Flashblog site is in Spanish.

LazloAlso… if you’re interested in Flash and Programming (or Flash without having to buy Flash) and you haven’t already, check out Lazlo, a competitor to Macromedia Flex, previously $20,000 then $2,000, now open source.