Quick Tricks

A few useful sites and tips I’ve recently found:

Better Spelling Quicker [From:What Do I Know] : Press F5 or Option+Esc to bring up an inline menu of spelling suggestions while typing in OS X Cocoa apps. Many other OS X shortcuts here []. Even more here [].

An Alternative Search Engine with Potential [From:Doc Searls] – I’ve tried every search engine I’ve seen and so far none have come close to Google. IceRocket may just come close if you’re comparing search results alone. The thumbnails and blog search are great, useful features and with everything else on their site designed so close to Google you can hardly tell them apart, it’s a pretty good engine.

New Design Playgrounds – In addition to CSSVault, there are now CSSBeauty and Stylegala. For Flash I use Favourite Website Awards and Internet Tiny Awards.

[update 10/20/04 – added a link to additional OS X shortcuts]