Obtaining The Free Music

I confess, I haven’t bought a whole lot of music lately. I’ve downloaded it for free.


3HivelogoI’ve found that there’s hardly time to pay for music when so many people are giving it away. My favorite spot for finding free music is 3hive. It’s a weblog created by someone who goes out and finds free promo downloads and links to them directly. Usually they’re good for about 3 or 4 free songs a day.


Another place I recently scored 50 free songs is They give you 50 free songs for signing up, you can cancel at any time (which I did). Some of the bands I downloaded from there are Red House Painters, The Promise Ring, Moonbabies, Explosions in the Sky and others. You have to search a bit and there’s some trial and error involved, but on the whole it’s good (and free).

Other places I’ve acquired free legal music:

  • iTunes has had a free song a week since they started. I’ve found some good ones there ocassionally.
  • At work there are a couple guys with the same taste I have. We swap tunes every once in awhile (which is 100% legal under fair use laws).
  • I’ve had good luck finding free music on Subpop and AudioLunchbox (what a great site!).
  • – this isn’t music you can keep, but if you have a profile on Audioscrobbler [my profile], does a good job of dishing out music that fits your taste.
  • Epitonic – Many more free songs.
  • PureVolume – More Free Music.
  • Rusty Spell’s Online Mix Tape

If you have suggestions of other good outlets for free music, I’m open to suggestions. As it stands, I’d guess I have a good hour of new music a day. More than I can possibly digest and that makes me happy.


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