British Sci-Fi

NGC 300 - Another Galaxy
For the past couple weeks I’ve been on a British sci-fi kick… I can’t recommend highly enough The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (the book, not movie–you have read it… haven’t you?), So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, Life The Universe and Everything, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency or anything by Douglas Adams. Despite the fact that these books definitely fall in the category of sci-fi, they are also extremely funny and intelligent–Adams was a genius. I can’t even begin to describe how well he could describe feelings, atmospheres and settings. I’ve been listening to them in audiobook format on my new(ish) iPod Shuffle. Most of them are read by the author which makes it even better.

I’ve also been watching the new Dr. Who episodes on the BBC. I doubt they’ll go down in history as classics, but the casting is great and the stories are entertaining. Christopher Eccleston plays an excellent Doctor–he has this mischievous smile that fits the role perfectly. Billie Piper is also a great character–she’s a good actress and it’s nice to see a main character who, while still very pretty, doesn’t look like a supermodel.