Photo of the Week: Spring

Photo of the Week 1 - Spring
This is the first “photo of the week.” I’ve been wanting to get back in to photography for some time now. I took classes in college and have always taken pictures here and there, but have not done anything formal lately. Having a structured way of tracking progress seems like a good way for me to motivate myself to keep going with it. Right now Garrett (a friend) and Jenny (my wife) are the only other particpants, but anyone is welcome to join. This is the first week (April 11-17th, 2005) and the theme was Spring. Next week the theme is Architecture. We’ll keep the themes simple and broad at first, and as we improve specify in both theme and technical requirements.

This week I only had my camera (a Sony DSC-S75, nice but I’d like to upgrade) for one day–Jenny had it while she visited with her family. Fortunately it was a beautiful spring day and I was able to snap a couple shots that I think are interesting. Above is the shot I chose as my photo of the week.

One reply on “Photo of the Week: Spring”

Lovely but not best.

when camera aperture on bigger.
focus is limited in small range.
sharp range also follow aperture.

however, green and pink spring is my favor.

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