Right now, in my mental dilemma between Mac and PC, I’m still sitting on the fence. This program (MacJournal) has definitely just added a plus onto the side of Macs. The simple elegance of it is nothing short of amazing. It’s this type of program that makes using a computer pleasant. So… for now chalk one up for the mac.


Rollercoaster Rides

Having a baby has been more of a rollercoaster ride than I ever imagined. It’s insane to me how many times a minute he can go from completely happy to screaming mad–forgetting altogether the emotion he was feeling in the previous second but leaving his parents somewhat befuddled. For daddy, it’s a feeling of strong love, then confusion and eventually… I’ll admit, strong frustration. What can you do?

He doesn’t understand in the least what he’s doing, It’s just how babies are. I think as time goes on, my patience lasts longer and longer, but when it gets to a point, I just have to leave the room. Ahh… the life of a first time daddy :).