Entertaining Outside the Box

Despite having almost1 never hunted, two of my favorite podcasts, Meateater and Bear Grease, are about hunting. They’re both hosted by talented storytellers and both consistently get interesting guests from walks of life that I am unfamiliar with.

I recently started watching and enjoying Clarkson’s Farm which, say what you will about Clarkson, is a great look at what it takes to run a real farm.

I’ve seen most episodes of Forged in Fire, enough to speak the lingo of a blade smith. I’ve also enjoyed 3 seasons of Alone, a best-in-class wilderness survival show.

I’ve watched a full season of Hermitcraft with my son. It’s a fascinating youtube series about a world that about 20 Minecrafters build together and the storylines they invent inside it. This despite almost never playing Minecraft (anymore :)) myself.

Most of my favorite entertainment has nothing to do with my actual work or hobbies. I’m not exactly sure why this is the case.

It’s probably some combination of:

  • Excellent storytelling
  • The pleasure of taking mental break from things that Matter
  • Enjoying watching others in a flow state
  • The natural appeal of expertise and confidence

The point of this is that if you’re looking for something new to enjoy, look outside of your already-established hobbies and career and try something new. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

1 I once hunted woodcock in Wisconsin